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Siobhan C.


Aloha My Expert Celebrity Stylist:

Professional styling has transformed me into the Woman I dreamt I could be. You have been my Fairy Fabulous Goddess Mother Sister Friend Child. Thank you so much for styling my Glow Up.

April 25, 2021

Jackie T.


I needed a professional wardrobe for my new job, but I was on a budget and I am not typically fond of shopping. Renee from Cottontails Inc was incredible! In just two hours she helped me pick out numerous interchangeable outfits, that I've utilized for over three years now. The best part is that the compliments keep on coming. I would have never been able to achieve that level of fashion on my own. Highly, highly recommend!

November 11, 2019

Devin P.


Renee is a gem and I would hire her any day of the week. her professionalism and work ethic is out of this world, she exceeds all of my expectations and i love love love her!!

June 13, 2018

Michelle T.


I had the best experiences with Renee! She was my stylist as Miss Diamond Head USA and a few other projects. Renee truly listens and has a natural eye for complimenting the individuals body. From cut, color and style, to comfort and price. She is very flexible which was highly beneficial for my busy schedule. Aside from shopping and styling, Renee also made speedy alterations for me and quickly fixes too, such as zipper, rips, etc. She can do it all! And my favorite part of working with Renee is the bond we have built. I highly recommend Renee/Cottontails LLC. for everything. From gift shopping to a little something for yourself, Renee is queen!

April 27, 2018​​

Me. F.


I have been getting styled by Renee for two years here in Oahu. She’s so amazing, she came to my house and went through my closet asked about my favorite outfits. After we went through my closet we set a budget and went shopping. I spent around $500 (Honolulu prices) on clothes and have an amazing wardrobe. I can literally wake up and put any of our outfits on and feel ahmazing. I loved it so much I had her style my whole family here’s a photo of us in outfits curated by Renee.

March 9, 2018​

Casey T.


Renee is a gem 💎 I had the pleasure of utilizing her talents within my company in Hawaii , where she filled the position of my wardrobe manager for several years . Her duties included caring for our garments, preparing for weekly events , doing alterations and creating numerous works from scratch from design to fruition . I would highly recommend her services.

January 3, 2018

Janet K.


Renee is amazing. Such a wonderful presence to have around and a super talented dresser. Professional to a 'T', very responsive to any of your needs, punctual....just can't say enough great about Renee. Such a joy to work with.

​November 24, 2016

Ted F.


When I needed a specific item for my closet, I knew one place that could find it for me and help! Cottontails!

June 11, 2016

James H.


My Cottontails LLC. experiences have been PHENOMENAL! Renee and her team are the BEST in the biz!

February 10, 2016

Charise S.


Renee is one of those rare creatures who is not only beautiful, in soul and face, but is able to put her own beauty to work in what she does for her clients. She has a keen sense of style, is a student of the demands of any project from any time period, and allows her passion to lead the way. Her kindness and humor have put her in my permanent list of talent I shall bring on board any project I am involved with.

May 10, 2014

Vicky M.


She is amazing and fabulous to work with! It's always a pleasure working with Renee at Universal in the costumes department, every task gets done, she is professional in the work place as well as makes it an enjoyable environment to work in.

May 7, 2014

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