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What Is Included: 

Now we won’t literally shop till you drop, but we do offer a shopping experience that allows you to have fashion finds placed in dressing rooms ready for you to try on.



We will assess your current fashion needs based on your budget and lifestyle. During this consultation we will work through your closet and complete a KEEP, SELL & DONATE cleanse that will purge your closet of any items that don’t suit your new style. I know this can be tough to part ways with certain items but we will make it fun and celebrate all the memories you had with pieces you are saying bye too.

(3 Hours)



We will then pre-shop for you so that you can enjoy the red-carpet treatment while trying on garments selected for you. 

 A Like, Love, Leave assessment based on fit, budget and style will help you choose the perfect pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe! 

(3 Hours)


The best part of a shopping spree; trying on and taking home your new fashion finds and incorporating them into your new wardrobe.  We will take pictures as a reference look-book that makes it easy to recreate your styled looks.

(2 Hours)


Shop Till You Drop Value, $1195

(Prices do not include the cost of wardrobe purchases)

*We will also enjoy lunch at a beautiful restaurant.  We will have a fun/full day so during our lunch break will ensure that your looks are met by representing your personality and style. 

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